Cycling charities worth your time and money

Cycling charities worth your time and money

Giving back is just plain good for us.  You knew that but maybe you wanted to support cycling themed causes but weren’t sure how and which ones are worth your time and money.

Luckily, one of the cool things about being involved with the cycling world is the many worthwhile causes and organizations it supports through a variety of events. If you’re involved on almost any level, you’ve probably already given back. Nice job!

The end of the year is often a time of reflection. Given what’s going in the world these days, your instinct may be to become more disengaged and withdrawn. That’s understandable. It’s funny how we live in hyper-connected world yet feel increasingly isolated. Not a good sign!

We all have a deep desire to connect with others. The psychological rewards are evident as the books Give and Take and the Paradox of Generosity highlight!

So, what better way to connect than to contribute to cycling charities that are doing some amazing work.

Below is a list of cycling charities and organizations. The list is meant to give you some ideas should you decide to get more involved with some interesting and cool causes and organizations.

World Bicycle Relief 

No Kid Hungry 

Best Buddies Challenge

Wheels for Life

People for Bikes 

Rails to Trails 

Yield to Life

Wheels of Change

Bikes for the World 

Project Bike Love 

All of them are doing some inspiring work! So, give yourself a little intrinsic joy and help out some folks that could really use it.

Have a great holiday and may next year be your best ever!

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