Fun facts about the 3 Grand Tours

Fun facts about the 3 Grand Tours

There are dozens of professional bike races on the calendar each year, but only 3 of them create the buzz and excitement that captivates cycling fans from around the world.

The Giro D’Italia, Tour De France, and Vuelta a Espana have become must see events. Luckily, with expanded TV coverage, we’re able to watch our favorite riders compete on a grand stage that has lead to some fantastic finishes the past several years.

Personally, I love watching the Vuelta. There have been some epic battles for the overall GC title. It’s been super entertaining to watch riders ascend brutally difficult climbs like the Alto de l’Argliru & the Xorret de Cati.

Regardless of your favorite event or memories, the 2017 Grand Tours are sure to be filled with incredible action and it will be fascinating to see who prevails.

In honor of these spectacular races, I put together some fun facts about each event.


fun facts about the 3 grand cycling tours

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