Where to find a unique & fun cycling kit

Where to find a unique & fun cycling kit

Lately, I’ve come across a number of random instagram posts featuring a variety of cool looking and unique cycling jerseys and apparel.

I’ve grown tired of wearing the same boring 3-4 jerseys I got as giveaways from Gran Fondos.

Problem is, most bike shops have very few cycling jerseys to choose from so you’re left trying to search for apparel brands offering fresh and distinctive looks.

Luckily, there’s been an explosion in the cycling industry as a multitude of brands have rolled out a wide variety of jerseys and kits.

So, I did a little hunting and digging for you and found some cool brands offering distinctive and colorful apparel.

If you’re eager for a fresh look, take a look at the collections below.

Happy shopping!


Stylish Urban Cycling Clothing


Features a full range of cycling clothing


Features vintage cycling jerseys


Features fashion forward designs for both men and women

Aero Tech Designs

Features men’s and women’s jerseys along with a full assortment of cycling apparel


Features bold, original designs for both men and women


Features classic designs for both men and women


British based brand featuring men’s jerseys

Void Cycling

Swedish based brand featuring men’s and women’s jerseys

The Pedla

Features stylish and performance oriented jerseys for men and women


Features women’s line of cycling jerseys

Cadence Collection

Features mostly men’s cycling jerseys

Monton Sports

Features both men’s and women’s jerseys

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